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Edwin started his 12-year career in real estate working for a nationwide title insurance company in 2003. This experience has given him extensive insight into the industry. Edwin has also worked as a loan officer and learned the lending side of the business. He obtained his real estate salesperson’s license two years ago and worked for a Clayton based real estate firm before joining Blondin Professional Real Estate. His multi-dimensional knowledge of the real estate industry significantly helps his clients and improves their experience, as he is able to walk them through any part of the process.

Edwin Arevalo moved to the United States from El Salvador in 1993. He is fluent in both English and Spanish. Edwin has been a resident of St. Louis and St. Charles counties for the last 8 years combined. He has vast knowledge of the surrounding areas and a good geographic understanding of both counties.

Edwin tiene 8 años viviendo en los condados de St. Louis y St. Charles, con 11 años de amplia experiencia en la Rama de Bienes Raices, empezando en el año 2003 en una compañia de titulos de casas, despues como un Agente Tramitador de Prestamos; actualmente con Licensia del Estado de Missouri. Trabajando como un de Bienes Raices en Blondin Professional Real Estate, donde le servimos con Profesionalismo, Experiencia y Conocimiento: para Comprar y Vender su Casa o Propiedad. Hablando y Explicando todo en su Idioma, llamenos sera un Placer Servirle.

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