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Brice Morrison is an accomplished sales professional who has consistently proven himself in sales role after sales role. He obtained his real estate license and began specializing in land sales in 2014 with a company out of Springfield, Missouri. As a Land Specialist, he consistently scouted for new investment opportunities for his clients, cultivated leads and turned them into lasting relationships that drove his successful sales history. When making the transition to the St. Louis metropolitan market (including but not limited to Warren, Franklin, Lincoln, St. Charles and St. Louis Counties) he decided to expand his services, his support and his team and became an advisor at Blondin Professional Real Estate. Brice can help you find the perfect parcel for your needs and for any intended use. Brice’s team does not only handle land transactions, they are fully equipped to effectively market, locate and sell any residential property.

Brice has over 10 years of successful sales experience as a proven leader specializing in customer service, strategizing and quick sales results. He has a solid real estate background as a land specialist with a firm out of Springfield, Missouri.

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